Over you.

I want my self to know that I’m over you

Its not you, I gave myself the permission to get shattered

Guess it made me a better person, but gave you far more credit to handle

Look now this story of one-sided love has ended

Now I know where to stop and where to move

Where to falter and where to lose

Till yesterday you were the only thing I saw in my memory

But now I know you’re not as important as vital as I believed you to be

And I realised overall you weren’t worth it

Lay alone at night, doubting your self-worth – I hope for it

It has ended



I wish you could live in my head for a single day, you would never doubt my love ever again

My mind takes me to places we didn’t go

Those ancient streets with trees hanging low

winds blowing us cold

with sunrise over

holding hands

moving closer

I have memories of the things we didn’t do

A despotic scene, hidden in romanticism sort of like sadomasochism

Then I get busy silencing those irrational thoughts

Then calm that racing heart

Taking deeper breadths that are left sparse

But now I’m trying to vomit that maternal love

Oozing out the lies and the fancy words you used to get the taste of my love




My love for you is total frenzy

You exposed the freak in me

Can make you and the entire peninsula woozy

You tell me not to think about you, but how can I forget someone who gave me so much to remember

I don’t understand how people endure this, you cannot know how it feels until you experience it

So you don’t love me but then how you go down on me is beyond me

You stop chasing and seducing, I saw you losing interest

When I told you I was hurt, didn’t want for you to take it as an ultimatum

Despite that I still remember the good times I had with you, then I find secret places to write about you

No one is more precious to me than you

What a crazy lover is like, I’ll show you

It’s all about you

Platonic Love

When you laugh it’s like rain making love to snow
Like a beloved and a lover made for one another
Your first glance took away my heart
Then an ache started in that part
Hold my hand as long as you are with me
Let it become a love story
Let there be talk as long as there are words
Stay in front of me as long as there is world
If you look in my eyes there is no chance you will find someone else
you will fail if you try finding anyone else
You know between you and I there is something
Don’t fool yourself… don’t test my patience


False Metrics

Researchers have revealed that people who occupy themselves with gaining superficial pleasures end up being more anxious, more emotionally unstable, and more depressed. Pleasure is the most superficial form of life satisfaction and therefore comes as easy as it goes. One feels that while you have that feeling you’re living otherwise you aren’t. And yet pleasure is what is marketed to us, twenty-four-seven, to wire our brain to work in a way that we crave for it every time. It’s what we look for every time on and always look for pleasurable activities. It’s what we use to numb ourselves which keeps us distracted for a little while. But pleasure is not the cause of happiness; rather, it is the effect or the by-product. We use sketchiest of the means to attain it. People use different forms of drugs to get the feeling: we call pleasure, they give us a quick high which makes them feel better in the short term but it leads to a life of anger, despair, insecurity, neuroticism, emotional repression. You can’t have a pain free life, it can’t be roses and unicorns all the time so always look for a balance that would provide contentment. Don’t use pleasure to act as a metric to measure your happiness, and think obsessively about it, rather count the blessings as a measurement which would be more rewarding.

PS. My views added to a book extract

10 tips on how to calm a troubled mind and live a joyous life!

10 tips on how to calm a troubled mind and live a joyous life!

1) Clear your mind:
Whenever you feel like negative thoughts are taking over your mind, could be because your life is cluttered or chaotic; always take time to calm your mind. This could be done by expressing yourself in different ways, like writing, talking to a friend or drawing would be a good outlet to let it out and is also very therapeutic.

2) Assurance:
Positive affirmations are the key for goodwill to follow. You are what you imagine yourself to be in your subconscious mind and that you can achieve all things you impress on it. Also, let your mind be consumed with positive ideas.

3) Purpose-driven-life:
It’s important to identify your interests, skills, knowledge, talents and passion to land opportunities that you are perfectly suited for. Having an aim in life keeps you motivated/going and keeps you energized as well. Moreover, it acts as a guard against depression.

4) Live a harmonious life:
Also, believe that you mind is full of God’s wisdom. You forgive everyone, don’t desire ill for anyone and show gratitude. Create harmony, peace, love and understanding with the people surrounding you. Value your relationships. Do not take people for granted. Demonstrate appreciation and love by giving small presents or thanking for even smallest favors to maintain strong relationships.

5) Proper sleep:
Always make sure that you take proper sleep to function optimally. On an average it’s vital to take 8 hours of sleep for overall good health and well-being. Before sleep get rid of all negative thoughts and wake up with positive thoughts that would help in making it a peaceful sleep.

6) Make happiness a habit:
Always see the glass half-full. Count your blessings in life, thank God for them. Appreciate good people and things around you. Take charge of your own life and let not people dictate it. If something bad happens just take it as a learning curve and experience. Draw your attention towards your hobbies that make you happy and let your mind be occupied with good thoughts.

7) Strive for a better future:
Each day is a time of renewal, revival and rebirth. Expect the best. Don’t live in the past. Having a feeling of remorse, thinking what went wrong or could be done in a better way. Don’t dwell on those wrong decisions. Always believe that now is the time to fix it and hope for the best outcome, don’t dare be skeptical. Try to have a positive outlook toward life.

8) Love unconditionally:
Often we love and serve others expecting something in return. If our expectations aren’t fulfilled we are disappointed and feelings like bitterness and resentment take over. If a favor is done, do it from the heart for the joy and thrill of making someone else happy and making bringing a smile to their faces, that would be much more liberating.

9) Break a bad habit:
You are free to choose a bad or a good habit. Habit is the function of your subconscious time. So the compulsion to do comes from there. So if you keep on repeating a positive thought it would act on it and will surely help in shaking those bad habits. Try not to harbor any negative feelings like anger, envy, bad temper, fear. It would be good in two ways, firstly, it will have a positive impact on your health (fresh looking and throw off positive vibes) and people will tend to treat you better.

10) Workout and eat well:
This could be done in any form. It could be as effortless as dancing or talking a walk or locking yourself in a gym adopting a hardcore workout regime coupled with very wise eating habits.




Downward Spiral

love hurts…

You emptied your eyes full of sorrow to fill mine
To see my heart throb every time

I don’t want to push you away
Because without you this wild one isn’t safe

To keep me in your territory is what I fight for every second of the night
Because you are the only one who can let some light in my life

I have trapped a beautiful moment in my eyes
But I when wake up I’ll see its demise

Let’s take a few steps back to return to being animals again
I just want to connect with the animal inside of you to go reckless again

How lucky are you to be with the one you like
For me it’s no longer a care for everyday life